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Project Overview

Lepaysage is located in the north of Lohu, inside Yinhu Fengyi Mountain Ecological Resort and it is by the exit of Fengyi Mountain Tunnel of Qingping Express. It is in the border of Buji, Luohu and Futian districts. The site area covered 43,538.73 square meters, with total gross floor area about 150,000 square meters, in which 100,000 square meters of the gross floor area is apartments and 20,000 square meters gross area is for villas and townhouses. Another 12,000 square meters is for hotel-style clubhouse and 6,000 square meters for kindergarten.

Lepaysage is mainly constructed with 5 stories height semi-detached dwellings and apartments. Semi-detached dwellings are designed to build with 4 stories above ground and a level of basement. Each detached house has an individual garage and yard. Apart from the top complex floor of the apartments, the rest of the condo share an amply, big open, classical building design, that could enjoy an incompatible view of the area.

The whole premises is built against the mountain, using the multi-layer podium, leaning against the slope with dimensional façade, where it is 80 meters above sea level, while the climax height is 216 meters above sea level, allows the natural extension of the mountains range to be shown. The façade is presented by elegant modern European style. The eco garden is mainly decorated with local plants and stone crafts, which has allowed the garden blends in with the surroundings. Meanwhile this garden has provided a customized green avenue. The premises is tightly connected with the urbanism, it only takes 5 minutes by car from the premises to the city center, 10 minutes to reach all commercial areas, 15 minutes to be in Hong Kong. Among Hong Kong and Shenzhen area, this premises is one of the rare properties that provide an enjoyment of the urbaneness and the view to this standard at the same time.

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