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The landale

Project Overview

Chaohu The landale is Sun Century Group’s first project for tourism and vocation property construction. This project is located in the west of New Fishing Port in Zhongmiao Avenue, Chaohu and the east wing of Ji Jie Area. It is one of the three projects of Chaohu Lake-side City Plan.

The site area of the project is 13.13 hectare with nearly 115,000 square meters total gross floor area. The premise includes semi-detached dwellings and duplex houses totaling some 63,200 square meters, condo and nearly 40,600 square meters for gross floor area for houses that own brilliant view. Approximately 10,000 square meters for commercial area and clubhouse. Particularly the semi-detached dwellings and duplex houses are the most significant developments in the first phase of the project.
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